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Why damascus steel is crap ? 

Is there really any need to explain it?

Anyone who thinks a little and without having studied strength of materials or crystallography can understand that the principle of the thousand sheet steel (damascus) has bad mechanical characteristics. No industry uses it in its processes, either in tools or in finished products if you want a mechanical quality that is respected.

The only place where it has its place is in "jewelry": ring, bracelets


Some knifemakers try to solve this problem by making reported edges, that is to say using a quality steel that will be surrounded with a damascus steel (the quality steel will be in the center for the edge) which will give it the desired visual aspect.

Basically the damascus is just for the girls who like to look at their knife in the window of their showcase and the Pakistanis who have become the masters in the art of making damascus shit.

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